R35 GTR AV Unit Failure / Crackle / No Sound


R35 GTR AV Unit Failure Repairs

Product Description

Its a very common problem on the older R35 GTR’s when you start to hear crackling noises on your speakers, your battery keeps draining or your audio fails all together.  Mainly these problems are on the non-navigation AV Unit in the GTR.

Back in 2012, Nissan extended the warranty on AV units on the 2009 cars to 5 years and replaced many failed units under this new warranty scheme.  The navigation models weren’t under the extended warranty although I’ve seen a fair few of those fail too.  This scheme has long gone and isn’t available any more.  New units are around £5000 !!

I am now an authorised dealer with Clarion/Nissan and I’m able to supply replacement AV units on an exchange program they run.  This means access to their stock of units which come with a 12 month Clarion warranty.  Clarion are the original manufactures of the AV unit and amplifer in the GTR’s.  They are still making the new AV units for the current model.

So if you are having problems like crackling on speakers (even when the audio is off), battery drain (which is solved by unplulgging the AV unit) or just a simply failure of any audio from your system, I can send you an AV unit in exchange for your failed one. Fitting takes about an hour.  I can also swap these out for you either at your place (travel fees may apply) or here in Preson at my workshop.

Navigation units are also avaible on this exchange program at the same cost although they need a Consult III to program them upon fitting as they are a little more complex.  Message me on my contact page to discuss the options on these.