Full Audio System Stage 2 – 2014+ Cars


R35 GTR Bose Audio Upgrade Stage 2

Product Description

This systems is built for the 2014 onwards (2015 onwards in USA) cars.  Basically, the model of GTR which comes with the lightening bolt headlights and Noise cancellation system.  Its the same specification as the older cars Stage 2 system but the processor is changed to an Audison bit One instead of a bit Ten D.  This processor has more inputs and is required for the different amp used in the newer cars.  This system is also suitable for the latest 2018+ model cars.

This system package comprises :-

  • Hertz Front Door Speaker Kit with Hertz Mille Pro 3 Way Component Speakers
  • Audison 4AWG Power Wire Kit
  • Hertz ML Power 4 Amplifier upgrade (2 x150w RMS + 1 x 500w RMS)
  • Kicker L7 Solobaric 8″ Subwoofer Kit (optional fibreglass enclosure with 12″ Hertz Mille Pro MP 300 D2 Subwoofer – £149)
  • Audison bit One Digital Processor
  • Hertz Centre Channel Kit
  • Optional Rear Speaker Kit available here

This kit contains everything you need to upgrade your Bose audio system with Hertz Mille Pro 3-Way component speakers for the front doors, High quality Hertz Digital 4 channel amplifier and a thumping 450w Kicker L7 Solobaric Square Subwoofer kit.  This kit includes the amazing Audison bit One digital processor for the ultimate in sound quality and control.  All discreetly installed behind factory trim.

All fitting parts including speaker spacers, screws, bolts or wiring is included.

You will also receive full written instructions via PDF to you email address which include colour photos of how to install.