R35 GTR Ultimate FULL Door Speaker Upgrade Package


Product Description

R35 GTR Ultimate FULL Door Speaker Upgrade Package

Suitable for 2009 to 2021> R35 GTR’s

After many hours of development work on my own GTR, trying different combinations of speaker sets, with the goal of getting a great sounding upgrade for the front doors without having to get involved in installing a new amp and the wiring that going along with it, I can now release this dedicated front door upgrade kit using top quality Hertz components in a kit form with supplied fitting spacers, custom plug and play wiring looms and fitting accessories which makes this an easy,

This is a top of the line speaker set which has been chosen to squeeze every ounce of power and quality from the stock Bose amplifier.

The 6.5″ Mid/Bass speakers included in this kit is special; as they have a low impedance of 3 Ohms (most speakers are 4 ohms). This means that it will allow the Bose amplifier to deliver around 50% more power to it. Coupled with the sensitivity rating at 94db (higher than most 6.5″ speakers you will see), this is the ultimate speaker set for the stock Bose amplifier in the GTR.

The kit also includes a matching midrange pair from the Mille Pro line with its Symmetrical dual Neodymium magnet structure and double layer voice coil wound on a Polyamide former with 8 decompression holes, for exceptional power handling and compression-free reproduction. This driver makes for some awesome vocals.

Of course, not to forget the 1″ Hertz Mille Pro tweeters with its tetolon fibre soft dome, for a natural yet detailed reproduction of musical nuances and centre Tuning Duct geometry, for lower resonance frequency and reduced harmonic distortion. With a high density flux Neodymium magnet, optimised for utmost control during high energy dynamic transients in the mid-high frequency range, it complements the midrange to add a sweet sounding high end.

The last main component in the kit, and one which is super important, is the passive crossovers. Only required to split the midrange and tweeter signal coming in from the stock amp, this massively upgrades the OEM setup where the tweeter has a little capacitor stuck on the back, to crudely remove the midrange sound and the mid range is asked to produce all frequencies, including tweeter, until it can produce it no more through natural characteristics of a larger cone. I’ve included a Hertz Mille Pro MPCX 2TM specialist passive crossover which is designed specifically to split the audio frequencies in the mid/tweeter range. It has a higher crossover point than most passive crossovers and allows more vocals to be produced by the midrange and only the real crisp high end to be produced by the tweeter.

The kit comprises :-

1 x Pair of Hertz Mille Pro MP 165P.3 6.5″ mid/bass speakers
1 x Pair of Hertz Mille Pro MP 70.3 Midrange Speakers
1 x Pair of Hertz Mille Pro MP 25 1″ Tweeters
1 x Pair of Hertz Mille Pro MPCX 2TM Passive Crossovers
1 x Pair of 6.5″ ABS Fitting Spacers for stock locations with water seals
1 x Pair of 3″ Midrange custom made spacers for easy fitting of mids in the stock locations
Wiring to the crossovers pre-made with PnP cables to connect directly to the OEM wiring
1 x Sound Deadening sheet to aid the fitting of the crossover without drilling into the doors.
1 x Fitting Instructions with colour pictures (~30mins per door)

Everything fits behind stock grills and looks OEM when you have installed.