12″ Fibreglass Sub Kit


For anyone wanting LOUD, DEEP sub bass in their GTR but requiring a neat solution which will look well in their boot rather than an off-the-shelf box.

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Product Description

Lightweight yet massively strong fibreglass structure with a resin impregnated driver ring moulded into the shape of your boots corner area and trimmed in carpet. Housing a Hertz Mille Pro MP 300 D4 or D2 12″ subwoofer, this subwoofer solution delivers tight, controlled, deep, rich sub bass and kicks hard when asked.

This solution is available as an option on my whole car audio kits or as a standalone solution.

This kit includes a fibreglass enclosure which is carpeted with the latest model 12″ Hertz Mille Pro MP 300 D4 subwoofer,

Amp will be required if you aren’t having this fitted as part of a full audio kit.