Subwoofer Enclosure with 8″ Subwoofer


Have you had enough of the Bose subwoofers which do practically nothing to your car audio. Well, here is your solution.


Product Description

I decided that I’d had enough of the standard Bose subwoofers in my GTR. They’re truly awful. And having now taken them out, I can understand why it sounds like it does. Two 9” free air pancakes with magnets smaller than golf balls.

So I went and developed a subwoofer system for my car which is not only stealth to look at (fits underneath your existing Bose cover in the back) but also awesome sounding.  After many months of development on this project, the subwoofer enclosure kit is world renowned and can be bought here.

This kit now includes my new MKII box design which has 0.45cuft, up by 30% on the old design.  With this extra volume available, the kit is able to provide the essential criteria to suit the the awesome Kicker L7 Solobaric 8″ Subwoofer with its patented square cone for 20% more cone area, helping it perform more like a 10″ sub than an 8″.

You will need an amp and power wire with this kit.  Contact me if you want recommendations.

The kit includes :-

  • Kicker L7 Solobaric 8″ Subwoofer
  • Custom, hand made, Painted sealed box from MDF with inside wadding
  • Professionally made Plug and Play wiring loom attached to the box including:-
    Oxygen Free RCA cable
    Remote Switch-on Cable
    Oxygen Free Subwoofer Cable
    Fitting kit including screws, washers and bolts
  • DIY Instructions

Notes: The amplifier you use will require a 4awg power wire to be installed to the battery. Picture shown with the Kicker L7 subwoofer. The image shows an amp and power wire kit which is not included but available from this shop.  Let me know if you are using this on a 2014 onwards car as the PnP cable is different.

Additional Information

Subwoofer Type

Kicker L7 Solobaric 8″, Hertz ES200.5 8″