R35 GTR Navigation System Upgrade for Non-Nav 2009 cars and Japanese Imports


R35 GTR Navigation System Upgrade for Non-Nav 2009 cars and Japanese Imports

Product Description

This amazing upgrade with turn your 2009 Non-Nav model R35 GTR into a DBA spec Navigation model in regards to the AV system and entertainment.

This kit is also perfect if you have a 2008/9 Non-Nav car with a failed head unit.  This system will fix your problem and upgrade you too.

Not only do you get Navigation but you get a USB socket for USB memory stick music playback and Bluetooth Audio Streaming.

This package includes :-

  • DBA spec OEM AV unit with Navigation and 2018 UK/Europe Maps (exchanged)
  • High Resolution Touch screen (exchanged)
  • USB Socket for your armrest
  • Wiring Loom for conversion to newer system
  • Replacement Heater Panel (exchanged) for compatibility with the new system

This system will add value to your car, no doubt.  It operates just like a stock system (because it is a stock system).  Your steering wheel controls work as normal, you get bluetooth audio streaming with the bluetooth phone system.  Up to date Maps for navigation and the graphics are better on every part of the system with the new HD touch screen.

For Japanese cars, the system converts your AV system to UK English and the maps will be UK/Europe too.  Your heater panel doesn’t need modification so is kept in place.

These systems are kept in stock for fitting here at my unit in Preston or I can travel to you for a charge.  Fitting can be done same day.

!!! NEW !!! – You can now have your buttons upgraded to the newer car’s graphics like ROUTE / DESTINATION / MAP etc.  Not stickers but proper printed buttons with Nissan font without having to buy the whole expensive panels for many ££££ from Nissan.  Contact me for pricing details.

Please don’t add this item to your basket but contact me for details of booking in.