370z 10″ Subwoofer Kit


Nissan 370z Bose Subwoofer Upgrade Kit

Product Description

Plug and Play Nissan 370Z Bose Subwoofer upgrade package  :-

  • Plug and Play AV Unit lead for easy connection of your new amp for RCA signals and remote turn-on
  • Audison Connection 4 AWG Power Wire Kit
  • Hertz HCP1D Class D Mono Block Amplifier (1 x 700w RMS)
  • Audison Prima APS 10D Dual-4 Ohm (running 2 ohm) 10″ Subwoofer Kit with hidden fibreglass enclosure and grill
  • Fitting accessories including amp mounting board

This kit contains everything you need to upgrade your Bose audio system Subwoofer with a thumping Audison Prima 10″ Subwoofer kit.   It includes the awesome Hertz HCP1D mono amplifer delivering up to 700w RMS in to the discreetly installed subwoofer which lives under the factory carpet in the boot.

Plug and play lead is included for easy connecting into your existing wiring and any screws, bolts or wiring is included.

You will also receive full written instructions via PDF to your email address which include colour photos of how to install the kit.

Deep, quality bass which shames the Bose rubbish and will shake your mirror and your hair if you like it loud !!

 *** Please note this is not designed for the cars earlier than Sep 2009 or any non-bose car.  It must be the later 2009 onwards with the later navigation system. Has been tested as working 100% on cars up to 2017. Only Tested on UK Cars.