R35 GTR Sound Deadening Package


R35 GTR Sound Deadening Package

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Suitable to deadening your car to reduce road noise, exhaust noise, gearbox clunks and deadening panels for audio upgrades and general feeling of a quieter environment. The addition of the door deadening pack makes the doors shut with a nice thud.

This package includes :-

2 x 27 Sheet Bulk Pack 3mm Skinz Deadening Sheet
1 x Front Door Sound Deadening Pack (10 x skinz 27 sheets and 3 x 6mm Panel Liner sheets)

Coverage will be your boot, your backseat area including under the side panels and on the gearbox area, down the foot area of the passenger and driver and inside your front doors.  Purchase an extra pack of Skinz 27 Sheet for use under the front seats.

Fitting available at my unit in Preston (use the drop down option) or you I can travel and fit for a charge, please ask.


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